• 15488 Co Rd 57
  • Hillrose, Colorado

Bull Sale Info

24th Annual Bull Sale

Friday, April 9th, 2021

At the Ranch - Hillrose, Colorado

Lunch starts at 11:00 AM
Sale at 1:00 PM (MST)

100 Stout Yearling Bulls
10 Two Year Old Bulls

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2021 Sale Offering

Lot 7 - Lad 145H
Sired by Keys Street Smart
Reg # M951348

Lot 16 - Lad 36H
Sired by Keys One N Only
Reg # M951356

Lot 25 - Lad 270H
Sired by Keys One N Only
Reg # M951365

Lot 31 - Lad 190H
Sired by OW Maximizer
Reg # M951371

Lot 41 - Lad 190H
Sired by LVB Fourth and Out
Reg # M951381

Lot 45 - Lad 177H
Sired by Cardinals Pure Power
Reg # M951385

Lot 54 - Lad 192H
Sired by Cardinals Matt Dillon
Reg # M951394

Lot 58 - Lad 47H
Sired by Cardinals Hondo
Reg # M951398

Lot 66 - Lad 90H
Sired by Cardinals Without Doubt
Reg # M951406

Lot 73 - Lad 10H
Sired by Cardinals EZ Design
Reg # M951413

Lot 81 - Lad 128H
Sired by Cardinals McLintock
Reg # M951420

Lot 86 - Lad 232H
Sired by Cardinals McLintock
Reg # M951419

Lot 90 - Lad 44H
Sired by Cardinals Smoke
Reg # M951428

Lot 95 - Lad 381H
Sired by Cardinals Ringo
Reg # M951433

Lot 99 - Lad 122H
Sired by Cardinals Apache
Reg # MP4021

Committed to the
Commercial Cattleman